Good Ole’ Friends® is hand crafted in small batches out of Tampa, Florida. The legendary family recipe that quenched the souls of our forefathers during battle has been awakened. Using 10 of the Finest Grains with NO Corn in the mash, Natural Fruit Concentrate, and the 5th generation Master Distiller who is Ex Navy Seal, the tradition lives on.


    100 Proof

    This 100 proof alcohol is extremely smooth. The concentrate is the base for all our products. We use ice cold filtered water in the cooling process to capture the bold flavors from the grains. There's a hint of sweetness as on the nose, and on the palate.


    100 Proof

    We all have picked blueberries and sucked on them for juice while walking in the meadows or woods. Well this mix has the simple taste mother nature intended with a kick you that you will not realize is there.


    40 Proof

    On the nose, you will get aromas that will bring back the memory of your Grandma’s apple pie cooling in the kitchen. As you sip, you will relax and dream of days gone by.


    100 Proof

    For those serious folks who want a get a kick and a rush! This 100 proof will open up your sinuses and wake you up.


    40 Proof

    For those picnics or socials on the back porch when the sun is blazing hot and one needs to simply cool off – this will do the trick.


    40 Proof

    Those roadside lemonade stands of yester-year are brought back with a little extra strength for those of us that want the extra kick. Be careful as this will sneak up on you.


    100 Proof

    For those who want the remembrance of picking blackberries without the hassle of getting pricked and having stained fingers. A great sipping shine for the sophisticated country folks.


    40 Proof

    A true Southern dish in a bottle. A golden hue shines through with a scent of cinnamon as one tastes this delightful drink.


    40 Proof

    This shine will remind you of your Great Aunt’s cherry pie cooling in the kitchen while you played outside with the other kids. As you sip, you will relax and dream of days gone by.